donderdag 19 november 2009

Most exiting company, a personal favourite

DSM showed significant progress in process efficiencies and technology optimization in the production of its resVida® 99% pure trans-resveratrol.  In addition, an increased number of resVida® launches in the food, beverage and supplement markets has resulted in improved manufacturing economies of scale.  Also contributing to this growth is the rising awareness of resveratrol among US adults.
"Recent data indicates a major increase in consumer awareness of resveratrol (up more than
4-fold over prior year to 23% (MultiSponsor Surveys, Oct 2008)), further indicating tremendous growth potential," said Garnet Pigden, Sr. Vice President-Functional Foods, DSM Nutritional Products.
DSM's resVida® is the leading trans-resveratrol, has been self-affirmed GRAS by an independent panel of experts, is available in both tablet grade and crystalline form and is supported by a DSM’s comprehensive safety package, which has been recently published in Food and Chemical Toxicology 47 (2009) 2170–2182.
Additionally, resVida® is part of the Quality for Life™ program, a seal of excellence for all DSM products. Quality for Life™ gives DSM’s customers peace of mind and is a mark of product quality, reliability, traceability and sustainability.
resVida® trans-resveratrol has been chosen by internationally recognized research institutions that are currently conducting human clinical trials reinforcing the scientific evidence of the effects of trans-resveratrol on cardiovascular health, aging and other health benefit areas.  Positive results from the first human study demonstrating effects on cardiovascular health will be presented early December 2009 at the International Polyphenol and Health Conference in the UK.
"Initial trans-resveratrol offerings had the challenge of small scale production and higher production costs,” said Garnet Pigden,  “With improvements in DSM’s manufacturing processes and continuous increases in demand for resVida® brand trans-resveratrol, we will be able to share the improvement in our cost position with our customers."

vrijdag 13 november 2009


Former President George W. Bush on Thursday outlined plans to establish a $300 million library, museum and research institute, taking a step back onto the national stage.
The George W. Bush Policy Institute—which would be the first think tank to be affiliated with a presidential library—will address issues that were priorities during Mr. Bush's presidency, such as education, global health, political freedom and economic growth, and seek to promote advances by offering practical solutions, the former president said.
In a speech at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where the center is slated to be built, Mr. Bush said the institute would undertake projects "designed to make an impact in the real world."
Since leaving office in January, Mr. Bush has made a few, mostly low-key public appearances, including with former President Bill Clinton, who has launched his own Global Initiative that focuses on economic development. The institute could give Mr. Bush a platform to re-insert his voice into the public debate.
Organizers aim to raise $300 million for the presidential center by the time of the groundbreaking next year, and are "more than halfway to that goal," said Mark Langdale, president of the George W. Bush Foundation, which is overseeing the effort.